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HDPE - LDPE & Geosynthetics Products
HDPE & LDPE Products
Geosynthetics Products

Climax is an ISO 9001 : 2000 company, the  reliable name for the past 36 years in serving almost all the Corporate, State Departments, Central Departments and End-users across the country. Climax synthetics are engaged in manufacturing of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Film, HDPE Sheet, HDPE Liner, HDPE Geomembrane  as well as LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Sheet, LDPE Film, LDPE Liner and LDPE Geomembrane. We also manufacturer of HDPE pipes and pipe fittings, cap covers, cover tops, tarpaulins , UV film and geosynthetics products.


Climax also provide services like water management, waste management, turnkey solutions and project installations, infrastructure and agricultural. We product our products under BIS standards. Our HDPE films/ sheets/ geomembrane/ liner give benefit to developing country and helps to prevent groundwater pollution as well as water pollutions. The best feature of HDPE is that, it can easily welded and moulded jointly. Today, the HDPE Geomembrane has more demand in environmental engineering.

Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) is playing important role in bringing a second “green revolution”. The main use of LDPE material is in agriculture industries and infrastructure projects.


Galvanised iron, cast iron, Asbestos, cement and PVC pipes are replaced by HDPE pipes due to its good features and more advantage rather then other conventional pipe. IS:4984:1995 & IS : 14333:1996 are the standard of  HDPE pipe and fittings. With the use of high density polyethylene pipe, water transportation, chemical transportation becomes more easy, safe and convenient.  


UV stabilized films are used in agriculture activities to protect food grains, green crop, fruits, flowers against uncertain weather conditions. Ultraviolet film also reduces crop diseases, prevents crop from pets, insect and helps to increase quality and quantity of products. Cap cover/ Cover caps and tarpaulins are also use to protect materials, chemical covering, machinery and fertilizers. The LDPE Cap Cover / Cover Top have best waterproofing and specific heat propriety is widely accepted to storage of outside food grains.